About the Backstage Bar

Backstage Bar (formerly cafe Backstage) has been on the Oudezijds Armsteeg, a cozy alley between the Warmoesstraat and Oudezijds Voorburgwal, since 1993.

We not only have ice cold drinks but also tasty snacks such as bitterballen, frikandellen and fries. Furthermore, we also have some panini's for anyone who fancies it.
Furthermore,  we also show (almost) all sports events such as soccer, rugby, F1, NFL etc via a large screen and TVs

Why the 3 crosses everywhere?

Today, the three crosses are often associated with Amsterdam's motto. After all, in the official coat of arms of Amsterdam, they also appear below the shield with the crosses. But historically, the motto was only added to the city's coat of arms much later. That happened after World War II. Queen Wilhelmina was then so impressed by the performance of the people of Amsterdam during the February Strike that she "donated" the motto heroic, determined, merciful to the city.

So the city motto has nothing to do with the crosses. So what do they mean? There are several theories. One well-known story is that the three crosses represent the three plagues that have struck Amsterdam in the past: floods, city fires and the plague. That meaning is also attributed to the colors: red for fire, white for water and black for the plague. Historical evidence for this theory does not exist. Other theories, such as three fords
across the Amstel River or three city gates, have never been proven either. In fact, the answer is disappointing: where exactly the coat of arms of Amsterdam comes from, we simply do not know.